CMP’s Recessed OR Cabinets in ‘The Fugitive” Movie

Continental Metal Products Operating Room Cabinets star in “The Fugitive”

Look what Continental Metal Products found!!

CMP Stainless Steel Recessed OR Cabinets filmed live at Cook County Hospital, Chicago.

Continental Metals’ beautiful Surgical Supply Cabinets, filmed alongside a 1993 Harrison Ford, Juliane Moore, Tommy Lee Jones and Jane Lynch.

CMP cabinets have aged well, they look as good today as in 1993. 

We bet the actors wished they aged as well as Continental Metal Products’ Stainless steel Cabinets.

Continental Metal Products Surgical Supply Cabinets in "The Fugitive" movie

CMP Stainless Steel Operating Room Cabinets featured in "The Fugitive" Movie
Learn more- CMP’s OR Cabinets You can see these beatiful Recessed Operating Room Cabinets in action in the video below, starting at the 2:00 minute mark.

CMP Cabinets look great in the movies and TV shows, however they serve a much greater purpose when they play a supporting role by increasing efficiency in functioning Surgical Suites, Hybrid ORs, Cath Labs, Emergency Rooms and more!

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