Are You Optimizing the Storage of your Surgical Supplies?

Operating Room Table Accessory Cabinet in need of stainless steel shelves for storage

Effective management of Operating Room Supplies can be challenging

Operating Room Table Accessory Cabinet in need of stainless steel shelves for Surgical supply storage

Even with the best planning and design of surgical suites, Surgical supply storage in Stainless Steel Operating Room Supply Cabinets are not always optimized. This OR Surgical Table Accessory Cabinet with originally planned with a stainless steel pegboard to store surgical instruments. In this case, the nursing staff had planned to have three of these cabinets in their new OR. There are also Operating Room Consoles with stainless steel shelves and Catheter Cabinets with Catheter slides in the floor plan. One of these pegboard cabinets was found to be unessesary, and you can see the ineffective storage of surgical supplies in this tell tale photo! 

More Stainless Steel Shelves Needed

Additional Stainless Steel Shelves can easily be added to your existing Continental Metal Products’ Surgical Storage Cabinets. Any Operating Room Cabinet can be retrofitted for more storage. CMP Stainless Steel Shelves can accommodate up to 200 lbs. of OR supplies and equipment.

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Good Supply Management in the OR is Vital

Supplies are vital in the nursing care in the operating room. When management of inventory is handled poorly, this situation can possibly lead to patient complications, surgery delays or cancellations. Thousands of procedures are performed, and different procedures requires a unique variety of supplies, which can vary with each  surgeon who perform the procedure.  The perioperative team is committed to ensuring the patient receives the best quality care,  and having the supplies on hand that the surgeon might request. 

Stainless Steel Storage Solution DesignPilaster strips and stainless steel shelf in OR console aids in Surgical supply storage

Initial design of proper storage solutions is key in the planning of the Operating Rooms of the future. Continental Metal Products’ engineers work closely with the hospital stakeholders’ team, the medical equipment planners, and healthcare architects to ensure the best use of storage space. Sometime though, as in the picture above, adjustments need to be made to the Stainless Steel Operating Room Cabinets.

Inventory Management of Surgical Supply Storage Improved

Fortunately, in this case, Continental Metal Products could come to the rescue of the OR Nurse Manager. Since CMP, was the original supplier of this cabinet, we were able to provide a conversion kit. The hospital’s own facilities team was able to adhere pilaster strips, clips, and insert new stainless steel shelves to optimize storage.  

These stainless steel pilaster strips are attached to buttons, that were added as part of the conversion kit, to the inside of the cabinet. The strips can easily be removed for sterilization, promoting increased infection control. Now the appropriate number of stainless steel surgical storage shelves are added to the cabinet. Continental Metal Products is committed to assisting you with your Stainless Steel Operating Room Inventory Storage Solutions. Let us assist you in the design of your new OR, renovation of an existing OR, or adjustments to current CMP Cabinets to optimize your present requirements!

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