Pass Through OR Cabinets at Shriner’s Children’s Hospital

CMP’s Stainless OR Pass-Thru Cabinets featured in Shriners for Children Medical Center video.

Continental Metal is proud to see our beautiful Resessed Pass Thru OR Cabinets in this beautiful facility in Pasadena, CA. We can’t wait to see the protective cover removed, the cabinets polished and the contents filled with critical supplies. The Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Pasadena opens June 2017.  Stainless OR Pass-Thru Cabinets have greatly improved the workflow at Shriner’s. The assist in loadind supplies un the sterile core, for use in the Operating Room. In this way nurses do not have to leave the surgical suite when supplis run low. It easily facilitates a FIFO process. Pass Thru Cabinet Info

The exact same Pass Through cabinets are currently in clinical operation in Shriners Lexington Kentucky location as well! 

“They are PHENOMENAL, we never had anything like them before. The OR Director loves it! They really make things flow like never before! Really State-of-the-Art!”

Mike Zimmerman | Regional Director of Supply Chain
Shriners Hospitals for Children – Lexington/Cincinnati/Chicago

Stainless Steel Pass Through OR Cabinets in the new Shriner's Hospital Operating Room in PasadenaOperating Room Pass through Cabinet Installation at Shriner's new hospital













Follow the sparkling colored lights on the sterile core celling leading into the OR. These lights make for a more pleasant experience for the children. You will enter these new ORs at 2:07 in the video.


       CMP  Pass-Through Cabinets provide for the efficient and expedited  delivery of surgical supplies and instruments to the OR from the Sterile Core. This minimizes cross contamination from opening doors. They also eliminate additional unnecessary traffic through the clean area of the OR. These surgical cabinets allow positive pressure in the OR to be maintained.

CMP pass-through cabinets are designed and manufactured for long lasting durability. They are fabricated of  heavy duty stainless steel construction, providing for easy cleaning to ensure infection control and a beautiful high quality appearance.

Pass Thru OR Cabinet Options:    Learn More: CMP Pass Through CabinetsContact CMP

  • Electronic interlocks,
  • Emergency Back up Battery
  • Adjustable shelves in 1/2″ increments,
  • Lead Lined
  • Interior Lights
  • Tinted Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Hospital Pharmacy Installation to meet USP < 797 > and <800> code
  • Veterinary Applications
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Custom Sizes to meet all requirements


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