Mobile Stainless Steel OR Cabinet with Roll-top doors

Mobile Hospital Supply Cart with Key Locking Roll-up Tambour Door

Roll-Top Doors for customized hospital storage solutions are CMP’s Newest option in our extensive line of Stainless Steel Medical Supply Cabinets. These locking tambour doors provide security as well as easy access and a full view of your medical supplies. Constructed of 18 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, CMP provides the best material for infection control. CMP offers the most options for Surgical Storage with Mobile Cabinets as well as Recessed and Freestanding Supply Cabinets. CMP’s Mobile Hospital Supply Cabinet Roll-up doors canbe ordered with automatic opion as well as keyed or keyless locks.

Mobile Surgical storage cabinet with locking roll-up door from Continental Metal ProductsVariety of Door options are available for CMP’s medical and Surgical storage cabinets and Procedure Carts.

Door options include; Key locking Roll-Up Tambour door, Motorized Tambour door, Hinged Glass doors or Stainless Steel Doors. Total Lock Castors secure Cart in place. These full sized mobile supply cabinets can be configured for use in hospital Operating Rooms, Procedure Rooms, Cath Labs and Surgery Centers. Specialty areas served include; Endoscopy, Ophthalmic, Arthroscopy, Vascular, Urology, Ortho and more! 

CMP’s Surgical Storage Cabinets utilize the largest variety of innovative modular system options in the industry.

Customize your Stainless Steel cart with any combination of CMP’s Baskets, Trays, Catheter Slides and Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelves. Optional tray dividers organize small supplies. Dividers are available in two lengths, to fit both directions. Pull-out-stoppers available for trays and baskets, allowing for easy viewing and access at an angle, without falling out of the cart. Storage is designed specifically for you!

Surgical Storage Cabinets with New Motorized Tambour Door

 CMP offers a wide variety of motor and control options in applications where a motor is preferred over a torsion spring operated rolling security tambour door or shutter.

Options include:

  • remote controls
  • Wireless key pads
  • Wall mounted switches
  • Key box controls
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