New Size Operating Room Integration Cabinet

CMP’s New Stainless Steel OR Integration Center –  30″ wide x 70″ high model.
Operating Room Stainless Steel Integration Cabinet Nurse Documentation CenterOperating Room Integration Cabinet

Operating Room Nurse Documentation Stations  are available in a wide range of sizes and designs.


These Stainless Steel Nurse Documentation Centers provide the perfect hub for an Operating Room communications center for PACS and video integration. CMP offers the broadest variety of dimensions as well as Custom Integration CentersThese cabinets beautifully organize and store the video, audio and communications equipment necessary for surgical suite and hybrid OR information systems. CMP will customize your unit specifically for your needs.

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Features include:

  • Two hinged doors with 1/4″ tempered glass
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Vented Lower portion of door for computer storage
  • Fixed and Adjustable shelves are perforated for venting
  • shelves contain grommets for routing wires & video cables
  • optional slope top
  • Cutouts in top, back and side panels for electrical
  • Freestanding, Mobile or Recessed Integration

Customizable OR Integration

The design of the OR Integration Center is important for ensuring efficient workflow and storage. Both Integration Cabinets and OR Nurse desk solutions are available in many different styles and varieties to fit your specific requirements. CMP’s Innovative solutions provide infection control for the sterile Operating Room environment. This is because all Continental’s  Operating room storage solutions are made of non-porous Stainless Steel.

Operating Rooms Audio/Video integration systems for Hybrid Surgical Suites improve Hybrid OR workflow and decrease Operating Room downtime.

Operating Room staff appreciate these OR integration systems because they provide versatile storage for all audio and video routing. Each Integration Cabinet stores the equipment that can route AV signals for up to 20 sources around the room to display monitors and other devices. Some of these devices  include endoscopic cameras, physiological monitors, PACS workstations, surgical site or headlight cameras, computers running clinical information systems, C-arms or ultrasound scanners.

The design professionals at Continental Metal Products are happy to assist you in designing the Stainless Steel Operating Room Integration Cabinet to fill all your specific requirements.

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