What Size Warming Cabinet does your Hospital Need?

CMP has the BEST Size WARMING CABINET solution for your Hospital / ASC



Continental Metal Products offers a broad product portfolio of warming cabinets.  CMP has the right Size Warming Cabinet to fit the footprint of your present facility, renovation or new construction project. We will help you find the solution that’s best delivers the performance and quality to match your needs. Sizes equipped to meet every type of installation. Blanket and Solution Warmers are available in a wide variety of models with many optional features available. Stainless steel doors or glass doors to keep inventory in view. Warming Cabinets can be specified as Recessed, Freestanding, Mobile and  as Pass through Warmers. By offering an extensive line of sizes and options, CMP helps you choose the BEST Size Warming Cabinet for your space . Contact CMP

Find Your Perfect Solution CMP offers the Best Size Warming Cabinet for Healthcare facilities - Blanket warmers shown in countertop, Mid-size, full-size, double & single compartment Warmers

Customize a solution with the features and the appropriate size warming cabinet to meet  your requirements. Learn about just a few of the options we have available:

Specs and cut sheets

Delivering highest performance & quality

Right Size Warming Cabinet for all Healthcare Applications

Dual Compartment Size Warming Cabinet with Touchscreen display

Dual Compartment Size Warming Cabinet with Touchscreen display

CMP is pleased to offer such a diverse portfolio of products.

Our unique  array of sizes, save valuable space. With a full variety of configurations, Continental Metal products’  warming cabinets are customized to customer specifications. CMP helps 

Our flexible options allow your ORs, ED, Hybrid Operating Rooms, Cath Labs,Radiation Intervention (IR),  PACU, Infusion rooms, and Surgery Centers to achieve any  requirement.

Select from our packages, each with their own functionalities and installation configurations.
Cutting Edge  technologies, are demonstrated by CMP’s exclusive electronic interlock for pass through warming cabinets and Quick-Temp data recorder to meet ECRI recommendations. Let our professional staff assist with  solutions to address  your workflow improvements, and much more. There is a blanket, solution and / or fluid warmer to fit every footprint. Whatever solution you select, you can always count on CMP for the reliability, versatility and value that our healthcare equipment delivers.

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