60″ High Solution / Blanket Warming Cabinet for Built-in, Recessed Requirements


Seamlessly integrate your Operating Rooms, by combining CMP Storage Cabinets, Table Accessory Cabinets, Blanket / Solution Warmers and Miscellaneous OR  Surgical Supply Cabinets is a beautiful, flush, recessed cabinet console. Learn More

CMP Storage Console with Warming Cabinets are available in 60″, 72″, 80″ High models, with depths of either 18″ or 24″ . Custom sizes are Available on Request to fit your most challenging space requirements.  Contact CMP

60" Solution or Blanket Warmer in OR Storage Console CMP combines blanket, solution and fluid warming needs with  storage management. CMP model #DSC5 can be designed to measure 60″, 72″ or 80″ High. provides  7.93 cu.ft. (18″ depth) or  10.84  cu. ft (24″ depth). capacity. Two independent warming compartments feature independent temperature controls. CMP’s OR Storage Console Warming Cabinet is designed to be more than a blanket warmer, because it provides storage for warm sterile intravenous fluids (IV fluids), surgical irrigation fluids, linens and blankets. All Continental Metal Products’ Blanket and Solution Warming Cabinets maintaining clinically ideal temperatures and meet AORN adopted Joint Commission guidelines. Dual heating chambers with up to 9.5 cu. ft. total capacity

Combined with the  CMP OR Storage Console for a recessed, flush, integrated and organized storage space.

Top Compartment – 20.56″ wide x 18.25″ high x 16.38″ deep = 3.56 cu. ft.
Bottom Compartment – 20.56″ wide x 22.44″ high x 16.38″ deep = 4.37 cu. ft.
Total: 7.93 cu. ft.

Top Compartment – 20.56″ wide x 18.25″ high x 22.38″ deep = 4.86 cu. ft.
Bottom Compartment – 20.56″ wide x 22.44″ high x 22.38″ deep = 5.98 cu. ft.
Total: 10.84 cu. ft.


Available CMP Warming Cabinet Console Models

  • DSC5-2460: 24” Wide x 60”, 72”, 80” High x 18” or 24” Deep
  • DSC5-3060: 30” Wide x 60”, 72”, 80” High x 18” or 24” Deep
  • Pass Through Warming Cabinet Console Model with optional Lead Lined for x-ray protection in Hybrid ORs
  • Free-standing, Slope Top  or recessed installation
  • Solid Stainless Steel or Glass doors with ¾” thick Thermopane glass for maximum energy efficiency
  • 24″ (610mm) or 30″ (762 mm) width
  • 18″ (457mm) depth or 24″ depth

Features of CMP Storage Console Warming Cabinets

  • Designed for warming of Blankets, linens, irrigation solutions, and IV fluids
  • Meets AORN Recommended Practices for a Safe Environment of Care by having separately controlled chambers for solutions and blankets
  • LED readout, Digital Display indicators for immediate temperature confirmation with Customizable Temperature Settings/Limits
  • Superior durable Stainless Steel Construction for increased lifecycle
  • Adjustable Wire Shelves to maximize airflow while providing flexible organization and storage
  • Reliable heating with uniform and efficient heat transfer
  • Easy Visual access to inventory with Thermopane glass or traditional solid stainless steel doors
  • A design to meet AORN Recommended Practices for a Safe Environment of Care
  • Temperature Adjusting Lockout for total control
  • Over Temperature Alarm
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Removable Pilaster Strips for easy cleaning
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit selection with +/- 2 degree accuracy , Temperature Range: 80°F (27°C) to 180°F (82°C)
  • U.L./CUL approved

CMP OR Storage Console Warming Cabinets Optional features for enhanced patient safety and compliance :

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