Why is the Best Stainless Steel Medical Equipment is Made in the USA?

 Continental Metal Products has manufactured their Stainless Steel Hospital and Medical Equipment in America for over 70 years!

  • American Manufacturing is critically important to the American economy and creates jobs for American workers
  • Meets the requirements of the Buy America Act ( BAA) and the Made in America Act requiring Federal Agencies to procure domestic materials and products
  • The equipment is manufactured from materials present in the United States

100% of Continental Metal Products Healthcare Divisions’ Hospital & Operating Room Equipment is manufactured in the USACMP Stainless Steel Healthcare Equipment for Operating Rooms. USP 800 Pharmacies and Sterile Processing Department is proudly Made in the USA

American manufacturings’ strength or weakness, provides implications for the entire US economy, our national security, and the well-being of all Americans. For generations, our country’s strength was dependent on the power of U.S. factories —both the equipment and the individuals who worked there. It is vital that manufacturing continues to be a foundation of strength for generations to come. Manufacturing is woven into the structure of our economy: Its importance goes far beyond what happens behind the factory doors. CMP is proud that all of their Healthcare Equipment is made in USA.

  • Quality Manufacturing is insured in every step of  manufacturing, assembly, and finishing. Contact CMP 

Continental Metal Products’ Healthcare Division (CMP) possesses a strong made in America, US heritage. CMP was founded in 1948, by a decorated World war II Veteran, as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSBC). Descendants of this proud American continue to manage the company. There are many production and management personnel today that are second and third-generation CMP employees. The company has grown significantly, however, the cornerstone of pride in the final manufactured product is the same. Manufacturing personnel enjoys telling visitors how the founder originally taught their predecessors to make sure that a piece of equipment worked properly and its finish was to the highest standards before it left our plant. This attention to detail and pride in accomplishment has been handed down to each new generation of manufacturing individuals. 

  • By purchasing Medical Equipment made in the USA  from Continental Metal Products, you can secure your American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) project specifications. 

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 stipulates USA-made and supplements the requirements of the Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreements Act specifically for construction materials, requiring that all iron, steel, and manufactured goods used in the construction of public buildings be produced in the USA.

  • All Continental Metal Products’ medical equipment is 100% manufactured in the USA
  • All Continental Metal Products’ hospital equipment is produced from 100% domestically produced stainless steel
  • All Continental Metal Products’ healthcare equipment is USA-Made for ARRA projects
Stainless Steel suppler Certification that steel is made in USA

Stainless Steel suppler Certification that steel is made in USA

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