Tabletop Warming Cabinet is a space saving model!

18 inch wide CMP blanket warmer saves space!



Countertop warming cabinet with optional trolley.    


Full Line of CMP Warmers 

tabletop warming cabinet from Continental Metal products stores lots of blankets. Great space saving blanket warmer model.

warming cabinet trolly for Blanket, solution, or fluid warmer from continental metal products

Utilized for warming Fluids, blankets and solutions

Only 18 inches wide, 18 inches deep

Available in 21 inch depth also, which produce interior depths of 18″.

Small footprint: 18″W x 26″H x 21″D ( 457 x 660 x 533 mm)

Nurses describe it as microwave sized

Storage capacity is is 2.1 cubic feet

Inner compartment dimensions are 14.56″ W x 14.25″ H x 17.5 ” D

Casters option provide for flexibility.

The blanket, solution or fluid warmer can be rolled under the table or counter when it is not in use. When clinical situations require, the warming cabinet can be easily rolled out.

The casters come with locks so that it can be locked in any location.

Continental Metal Product has over 70 years of experience manufacturing hospital warming cabinets, blanket warmers and solution warmers.

The right size for a huge range of medical applications.

CMP provides all the features of  the full sized warming cabinet in this mini, space saving tabletop model. With a storage capacity of 2.1 cubic feet, the 18 ‘ wide model is the right size for procedure rooms, ASC, ambulatory surgery centers, and clinics.

Medium size tabletop warming cabinet

For larger storage capacity needs, CMP offers a 30 inch wide warmer. This medium sized compact warming cabinet, also fits on tabletops or countertops. The warmer provides for a larger capacity of blankets, solutions or fluids. It  still saves lots of valuable space. CMP’s 30″ wide model provides a storage capacity of  3.8 cubic feet with the 21 inch deep model.

The 30 inch wide, 27 inch deep solution or blanket warmer, provides a storage capacity of  5.2 cubic feet.

Continental Metal Products broad product portfolio, contains Blanket, Solution and Fluid warmers in many sizes to meet your healthcare facilities needs. Medium sized warming cabinet models are 45 inches high. Full height Blanket / Solution warmers are 74 inches high. They come in single and double compartment models. CMP”s Model #DSW2AE, Double chamber warming cabinet  is our most popular model.  This two chamber warming cabinet warms blankets and solutions separately in individually controlled compartments. What ever your footprint, Continental Metal has the right sized warming cabinet.

Full Line of Continental Metal Products Warming Cabinets

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