Temperature Monitoring System option for Warming Cabinets!

QUICK-TEMP Temperature monitoring system option with USB port on Continental Metal Products Warming Cabinet

USB port on Warming Cabinet with Quick-Temp Temperature monitoring system option


Daily Temperature monitoring logs are a thing of the past

CMP’s Warming Cabinets now offer the “QUICK-TEMP” Temperature Monitoring System option. Requires no additional software. Download automatically begins when a USB flash drive is inserted into the front control panel. Data is then ready to be analyzed on any computer. Simple and user friendly. Assists in meeting ECRI Recommendations.

Daily Temperature monitoring system option is now STANDARD!

Quick -Temp Monitoring System is now included at no addition charge on all new Warming Cabinets and Blanket Warmers from Continental Metal Products.

CMP’s New Touchscreen Control Panel on all of our newest model Warmers include the USB port and Quick-Temp Monitoring System. CMP’s Touchscreen controlled Warmer with Temperature Monitoring Feature 


Historically, Paper Temperature Monitoring Logs, taped to warming cabinets,  have been used to record standards coHandwritten Temperature logs are eliminated with Quick Temp automatic USB Temperature logging on Blanket warmers from CMPmpliance for blanket and solution warmers. This method has been the standard for compliance program for temperature standards for that equipment. Every day, staff pencils in temperature and time/date data to notate the current temperature.  Twelve months worth of logs were stored in three-ring binders. Often times, when  a surveyor came into a hospital, someone is out of compliance with the temp log on the Warmers. This has become a “hot button” that has resulted in numerous Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO/JACHO) citations. Apparently, deficiencies in this area during JCAHO inspections have served as a  “low hanging fruit”.

Quick -Temp Technology has vastly changed these procedures. Now, this information is recorded and stored on a half hour basis. The CSV file is easily viewed  and stored on a standard spreadsheet .

When a temperature is lower or higher than what’s required, it is noted by a black “X” in the Alarm condition Column. Staff must then respond by adjusting the temperature or calling the engineering department or facilities management. There’s space for free text where the clinical staff can type in what corrective action they took. In this manner, the hospital easily demonstrates that it has a procedure in place to monitor the temperature of the Blanket / Solution warmer. It shows that they are in compliance by following that procedure and that most importantly, if a warmer is not operating correctly, the staff has taken corrective action, documented it and resolved the issue.

CMP’s Quick- Temp is an exciting new option available with all of Continental Metal Products Blanket and Solution Warmers to eliminate those paper logs and 3-ring binders!

Watch how Continental Metal Products Temperature Logging system for hospital warming cabinets works.

More information on CMP’s Quick Temp Data Temperature Logging…

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Continental Metal Products' Quick-Temp Warming Cabinet Temperature Log

Quick-Temp Warming Cabinet Temperature Log

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