New Non-Splash Scrub Sinks from CMP

Optional laminar flow faucet head is available and provides a splash free laminar stream. Pressure compensating for constant flow. Unbreakable single piece insert for longer life. Recommended for use in medical facilities to prevent airborne bacteria from entering the water stream.  Additionally a proprietary sink design and polishing further enhances the non splash effect. Continental Metal Products’ Splash-Free Surgical Scrub Sink works to prevent water from splashing back all over surgeons and surgical staff during pre surgical scrub in the informative video below.Click here for more information on CMP’s Scrub Sinks

Non-splash Continental Metal Products Surgical Scrub

Non-splash Continental Metal Products Surgical Scrub


CMP’s specially designed scrub sinks are all stainless steel and come in 1,2,3, and 4 bay models. CMP Scrub sinks can be ordered Automatic, Manual or Electronic Infra-Red. Removable Bay Panels and plexiglass divider screens are standard features. A Special digital timer option for Electronic Scrub Sinks is available, where the Digital timer starts automatically when sensor starts water. CMP’s Scrub sink prides a non splash environment  that is useful in medical facilities to prevent airborne bacteria from entering the water stream. Check out Continental Metal Products’ web site at to see the full line of stainless steel healthcare equipment that has proved valuable to hospital personnel for over 65 years.

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